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About Us...
Cary Reynolds Elementary School was built in 1961 to serve the children in a growing DeKalb Community. The school was originally named Sequoyah Elementary School, but was renamed for the first principal, Cary Reynolds, who died in 1963. The community is made up of a multi-culturally diverse population. The student population has nearly doubled over the past ten years, resulting in an increase in staff members and the need for more space. There has been a dramatic increase in teacher expectations, resulting in a higher caliber of student work. Academic growth has been enhanced by the America’s Choice design. Cary Reynolds Elementary School enjoys a quality relationship with our business

Mission Statement
Our mission is to produce knowledgeable students and future leaders by improving academic achievement, and increasing parental/community involvement within a safe school environment. All educational experiences provided to our students will be meaningful, worthwhile, and appropriate.
Awards and Recognitions
Cary Reynolds and the "W" Hotel were named “Partners In Education of the Year” for the entire State of Georgia in 2000. Dr. LaDonna Hollis  is our 2017 Teacher of the Year, Mrs. Regina Billington-Harlem is our 2017 ______________ of the Year, and Mrs. Sybill Williams  is our 2017 Support Person of the Year.

Unique Assets
Cary Reynolds Elementary School is one of the most diverse schools in the state of Georgia. Over thirty countries are represented and forty different languages are spoken.

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